What happen last night with T-Mobile ?!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling CONFUSED 😐 * saids it in Taylor swifts voice * . Well hello dear readers of mine , yesterday around 1:30am the network t-mobile decided to stop working and work when it wants too , me and my friend have the same network and I was freaked out , I’m like omg the end of here …. gurrrrllll I couldn’t go in my snap chat , Instagram or Facebook , I was freaking dieing , I was like gurrrlll call an ambulance . I felt like me and her were the only one having this problem and when my friend got home she searched it up with her wifi , that the t-mobile towers were fucked up…. 

I’m glad that today it works and everything is up and running like it’s suppose to be , because I can’t live without my social media , and honestly I can’t live not writing on my blog . Well guys have a fabulous day . Xoxo- Fabulous Yazer 


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